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Design 152

DXF Art: butterfly

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Great job on the overhaul.chuck

Thanks & glad you like the new look. I still have a few things to tweak. I really like the homepage 3x3 photos. :)

I've never done CNC or worked with DXF before. How far can this design be enlarged? I'd love to get a couple of these cut out of steel about 2 feet wide for my wife to place in the yard. We have a local fabricator who uses DXF files with a laser cutter, and I was curious of any quirks that might pop up in enlarging this design.

Dxf files can be enlarged as much as you need, they are vector files which means they are all numbers (text files) you can open all my dxf files inside of a text editor (Windows Notepad, etc...) to see how they are based on numbers. So the file resolution will stay the same If it's cut at 5 inch, or 50 foot wide (that would be a large butterfly :) )

I would say as far as cutting this on a laser, the larger the finished size the better you would be, just because of the smaller holes. Lasers do very clean cuts, so at 2 foot wide, I would think it should turn out good. You might ask the guy cutting for you, his opinion (before cutting the file), they would have a better idea on how their machine would perform with a detailed dxf file.


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