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How to organize your DXF file cuts in Mach3

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  1. dxf art for cnc machine cutting,Mach3 DXF Tutorial - Click here for Full Screen I was asked the question, "Is there anyway for Mach3 to start cutting the inside first, then cut the outer circle (of a DXF file)?" The answer is yes, it can be done in LazyCam. Below I have in order the basics of what needs to be done to arrange a DXF file so that it can be cut on a cnc machine in any order that you would like, for example to keep the outer most profile intact, so that the inside can be cut first. 1) Open Mach3, & select "FileLazyCam...." from the dropdown on the top left side of the Mach3 control screen. 2) With Lazycam now open, we need to see the "Project Pane", inside Lazycam select "ViewProperties Bar" & make sure you have a check next to "Properties Bar" (see screenshot #1) 3) On the tabs at the bottom of the "Pane" that should now be open on the left side of the window, make sure that the "Project" tab is clicked/has focus (see screenshot #2). 4) Now load a DXF file that you want to run inside of Mach3, I chose Design 94 for this tutorial. You can load the file by clicking on "Open DXF File" button at the top of the screen inside Lazycam. 5) Once the DXF file is open inside of LazyCam, you can click on any of the parts of the drawing that you want, this will highlight that specific part that you click on, & also highlight that specific "Chain" inside the "Project Pane" on the left side of the screen. 6) Now that we know how to identify each part of the DXF file, we can focus on arranging the parts to be cut in the order that we want them to be cut. Click on the outer most part of the DXF file to make it highlighted. 7) With the outer most part of the DXF file still highlighted, find that specific "Chain" in the "Project Pane" on the left side of the screen. Click on it, & drag it straight down to the very bottom of the list of "Chains", once you are at the bottom of the list of "Chains" release the mouse button. You have just made the outer most part of the DXF file to be cut last inside of Mach3. 8) Do the same for the rest of the "Chains" inside the "Project Pane", to arrange each part of the DXF file to be cut in whatever order you need them to be cut. 9) Once you have the DXF file arranged in the order that you want it to be cut, click the "Post Code" button (top right side of the screen). This will create & send the g-code to Mach3. You may have to look into creating offsets inside of LazyCam before creating the g-code (thats another tutorial). :)


Thank you very much.
This will really help

Mike Kelly


Glad this will help you.

Thank you for the feedback.

I think I'll put a link on the Home page of this blog, so others can find this tutorial easier. :)

thanks for the tutorial, i just recently bought a 24"x60" cnc router and i have been having tons of problems with that very issue. I have even resorted to re-writing the g-code to make it work. man, thats too much trouble. thank GOD for the internet and people like you who will take a few minutes to help others.

Thanks for the DXF files!!

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